Advice on benefits, money & tax and business & self-employment
Free, impartial money advice, set up by government.
 If you are looking for information, advice or support regarding money matters you may find the following links useful:

Please look at this website for a downloadable Guide on Entitlements for Families in Surrey.



Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS)




Does the amount of credit you have worry you? Are you feeling anxious about what may happen? The Consumer Credit Counselling Service is a registered charity whose purpose is to assist people who are in financial difficulty by providing free, independent, impartial and realistic advice.
Tax Credit payments for families with children


Working Tax Credit is for people who are employed or self-employed (either on their own or in a partnership), who usually work 16 hours or more a week, who are paid for that work, and who expect to work for at least 4 weeks.   See the online calculator or contact the helpline: 0845 300 3900 


  HM Revenue & Customs







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