Vision Statement


'At Dovers Green Sure Start Centre, we strive to offer our families with young children, primarily 0-5 years, and older children, the support, advice, help and exciting and enriching experiences they need to make a positive difference to family life.'

Some of the things our lovely families have said about us...

‘Our second child has had health issues and the support provided at Dovers Green Children’s Centre has been wonderful. They have provided a shoulder to cry on, reassured us and pointed us in the right direction to get the additional medical support required. They are the first people we turn to and have helped us remain positive, I don't know where else we would get this support so easily. They help keep us sane.’

‘My children wouldn't have had the support that they have desperately needed is it wasn’t for Dovers Green Children’s Centre. The centre has helped us get on our feet as a family in a new area. As someone who suffers really badly anxiety and depression, it has been invaluable to us. The children would have been stuck in the house with a depressed Mum who struggles to socialise on any level. My daughter's language would have continued to be slow in development. There's a strong chance that I wouldn't have coped without someone to reach out to, which could have potentially left my children without a Mum. We are incredibly grateful to the wonderful staff who make lives better every single day.’

‘Dovers Green Children’s Centre has been a pivotal support for me through the growth of both my children from the day they were born. I would’ve been isolated in a new town alone with a very difficult baby. As it was, I struggled with post-natal depression, and the support from the ladies at Dovers Green Sure Start has been a lifeline.’




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